The World's Best Rock Shoe Repairer.

30+ years of experience.

Combine your Resole + $79 worth of gear = free shipping nation wide!
To qualify, simply purchase at least $79.00 worth of gear and select "Resole Shipping + Gear ($79.00)", at checkout. Your gear and resoles will ship for free once your shoes are complete. 
Need another pair of shoes while you wait for your other pair to be resoled?
Shop from our full range of Mad Rock and Tenaya shoes and we'll ship them immediately. Your resoles will still ship freight free separately upon completion. 
Yes, we resole 3D/compression molded shoes! 
Turn-around times 
Retread: 2 - 4 weeks
Rand & Retread/Big Rubber Retread: 6 - 8 weeks
* Turn-around times reflected are per pair. Please allow additional time for orders with more than one pair.