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Resole + $49 gear = free shipping nation wide!
To qualify, simply purchase at least $49.00 worth of gear alongside your resole/s and select "Resole Shipping + Gear ($49.00)", at checkout.Your gear and resoles will ship for free once your shoes are complete. 
Need another pair of shoes while you wait for your other pair to be resoled?
Shop from our full range of Mad Rock and Tenaya shoes and we'll ship them immediately. Simply combine a shoe purchase with your resole order to qualify.Your resoles will still ship freight free separately upon completion. 
Our current turnaround time for repairs are:
  • Rand and Retread = approximately 1-3 weeks one per pair orders and 3-4 weeks for multi pair orders.

  • Retread = approximately 1-2 weeks one per pair orders and 3-4 weeks for multi pair orders

*If you have a special turnaround requirement, please let us know prior to sending your shoes so we can try to accommodate you as best we can*

Sending your shoes to us:
  • Our postage address for shoes is PO BOX 114, Blackheath, NSW, 2785.
  • Couriered shoes can be sent to our workshop street address at U6/134 Station St, Blackheath, NSW, 2785.
Not sure what type of repair your shoes might need?
No sweat! Simply "create quote" at checkout with the repair type that best describes your shoes and we'll confirm your repair once your shoes are assessed by Big John.