About Us

About BJR Climbing
BJR Climbing Equipment is a business just for climbers, which is also owned and staffed by climbers. The concept is to offer a retail experience, both online and in person, equal to or better than the best climbing stores anywhere in the world.
We are aiming to stock the largest possible range, so our customers can choose exactly what they want. We are only stock items that are made for climbers or would be used by climbers. Our range has expanded into brands and items previously unavailable in Australia – and, we will continue looking for great new climbing products.
We are especially focused on rock climbing equipment used for routes in and around the Blue Mountains. We have also made a big commitment to climbing product groups, such as bouldering gear and training equipment , which other retailers have never really stocked in a significant way.
The foundation of our business is our Rock Shoe repair business - Big John’s Retreads - a service that has been resoling rock climbing shoes since 1986.
We are the major corporate sponsor of CragCare, as we are committed to supporting the local climbing community and climbing areas. Customers who purchase through us, are not only supporting a local business, but are also assisting in the maintenance of some of Australia’s best climbing areas.
Oh yeah – it is not about the profit. It’s about getting more great climbing gear, advice, jobs for local climbers and a place to pick up some chalk minutes from the crags.