Fullsterker Training Guide

Fullsterker Snatch 101


To give you the best experience with your new Fullsterker Snatch board we have included three basic exercises to get you Snatchin! Snatching converts finger base strength into power by introducing movement.


We will introduce more exercises over time to give you variety and target more specific strengths for power conversion. We recommend having a go at this basic routine for a couple weeks and if you are fit enough a future exercise can be introduced for increased intensity. After about 5 weeks you can decide to start a new cycle of Snatch power training or move onto a cycle of Snatch power endurance or go back to some finger strength training. 


Like with any finger training session, warming up prior to Snatch boarding is important. Ensure you are well hydrated and listen to your body to avoid injury! Check your Snatch board has been installed correctly and remember it is strongly recommended to have a bouldering pad or foam mat underneath your board for when you pop off unexpectedly.




Do a whole body warm up, get every fibre in your body engaged. Common warm-up exercises include: Push-ups, Squats (with body weight), Jumping Jacks, some static hangs, chin-ups, etc.


The warm up process should take anywhere from 5-15 mins. 






What is a pre workout? This is simply getting on the board and warming up. Do some hangs on comfortable holds and climb around on the board with or without assistance. Try to establish what you're capable of using for the first genuine routine. Into the future once you are familiar with the board you can use bigger easier holds to warm in the exercises you will be training with.  


This Fullsterker introductory workout (is designed to activate your existing contact strength and give you power - don't worry, you will feel the workout in places that will surprise you too! Depending on the exercises through the routine other benefits will be realised like core strength activation, timing, lock off strength, etc. The intensity of the following exercises can easily be moderated by adjusting the size and spacing of the holds or introducing a chair or elastic sling for assistance. 


Snatch Power Work out one:


These three exercises introduce movement to your finger strength. With movement strength is converted into power. The exercises have movement in slightly different directions to convert strength into launching, pulling and catching power* across a greater range.


Exercise #1.

Alternating Single Snatch.

Starting on the home edge, move up to the LEFT edge hold and gently lower down to the home edge. Repeat this process again, but this time move to the RIGHT edge hold and gently lower down to the home edge to complete 1 repetition.


Attempt 3 to 4 sets of 3 to 6 repetitions on each left and right hands.

Have good rest between each set, about 2 minutes should be long enough.

The goal is to train to failure. You need to make at least 3 reps before failure and in at least the half the 2 sets for the exercise. If you can’t make the at least three reps the intensity is too hard and likewise if you are completing the sets without failure the intensity is not hard enough.


Exercise #2.

The Tokyo Snatch.

Starting on the Home edge hold, with one hand snatch up to a centrally located edge and hold for 3 seconds, lower back to the Home edge. Repeat with other hand. 


Attempt 3 to 4 sets of 3 to 6 repetitions on each left and right hands.

Rest for 1 minute between sets.


Again like in exercise one the goal is to train to failure.


If you want to increase intensity rather than alternating hands keep going with the one hand as this is harder. This will break your sets into two. Have a short rest of 15 seconds between the hand changes. 




Exercise #3.

Cross Snatch.

Starting on the home edge, cross your RIGHT hand to the LEFT edge, Return to the home rung and cross your LEFT hand to the RIGHT edge.

Attempt 3 to 4 sets of 3 to 6 repetitions on each left and right hands.

Rest 1 to 2 minutes between sets.

Remember maintain good form to avoid injury and if you really want to challenge yourself follow through with the motion as controlled as possible. The intensity is moderated not only by Home and Snatch hold thickness but how far the cross hold is placed. Try this exercise wise the Snatch hold just off centre and build up to wider cross Snatch placements. 




A hand chisel position or also known as half crimp is the ideal hand position for snatching. 


It is best to start this training routine by using a larger home hold this way you can be more controlled on the return movements to the home and put more energy into the launch off the home hold to a smaller Snatch hold. 


Launch power*. This is the initial pop off the home hold.


Pulling power*. This is the drive through to the Snatch hold.


Snatch power*. This is the hold catch or what we call the Snatch!


If you want to increase intensity rather than alternating hands keep going with the one hand as this is harder. Less launch power is required when alternating hands as you get a momentum benefit on the swing through from the home hold during the transition from right to left.


The Edge series of Snatch holds have two sides you can use. The normal side on a 12 degree board is a flat edge as it has an in-cut of 12 degrees


Having issues snatching holds. There are two suggestions:


  1. Get yourself a sling or band and put your foot in it to assist your body weight by lightening the weight on your fingers using your leg strength. You could also consider placing your feet on a something sturdy back under from the Snatch board. This is a very effective way to transition to smaller holds and common technique in hang board training.

  2. Use the Snatch board as a Hangboard to build some more base level strength and later (in a few weeks) try again introducing movement. Take exercises one and two, set yourself on the finish position and hang on the holds for 3 to 4 seconds. Eliminate the movement and just hang. You can follow the same routine for the first two exercises without movement. If you want more, set yourself on the right and left Snatch holds in exercise 1 and hang them for 3 to 4 seconds.