Designed for the beginner and intermediate climbers and particularly suited to easy angled / vertical climbing.

Generally, the easier the grade the bigger the [foot] holds and thus the need for an aggressive shoe wanes. Coupled to this, the less steep the route is, the more the climber stands on his/her/their feet. Therefore the mild last is significantly flatter than any of the others. Also, as one tends to stand more in these, they often feature a stiff midsole (offering greater support and a roomier toe box).

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Agama Yellow
RRP $139.95
Drifter Azul
RRP $119.95
Drifter Red
RRP $119.95
Flash 2018
RRP $139.95
RRP $129.00

Tenaya Tanta

From $175.96

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RRP $219.95
Tanta Lace
RRP $219.95
RRP $149.95
RRP $119.95