We are the proud to represent some of the top brands in the word of climbing, outdoor adventure and height access. We always strive to offer our retailers the best price possible, in an effort to continue bringing Australians awesome quality gear and value. We work extremely closely with our brands to ensure we have an indepth understanding on all of our product offerings and the innovations that create them.
Brands that are exclusively distributed in Australia by us are:
Climbing Gyms 
We offer some of the most durable, high performance, and well priced rental shoes on the market, which also come standard with a 6 month guarantee. 
We also offer the preferred gym rope for a large portion of Australia's top commercial climbing gyms, which are all manufactured in France by one of the most established rope manufacturers globally.
We have decades worth of experience in helping new gyms become established or existing gyms refresh their gear, so get in touch if you'd like to learn more about ways we can help you. 
Looking to range some gear in your store or gym's pro-shop?
We have a tonne of retail knowledge and will only have your best interests in mind. Each customer's needs are carefully considered before making any recommendations.
Our longstanding Resole service allows us an unrivaled wealth of knowledge when it comes to footwear. Our team are highly trained when it comes to climbing shoes, and are more than qualified to asssist you in deciding on the perfect model/s and sizes to stock in your facility. This knowlede is not limited to all of our other product offerings.
Operating a commercial guiding, recreational or educational service? 
Get in touch with us to learn more about pricing and ways we can assist you.
Contact Us on (02) 47876550 or email info@bigjohn.com.au for more details.
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