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What can you expect from subscribing to this Newsletter?
By subscribing to our BJR Industry Worker newsletter, you will be kept up to date on new product and deals available exclusively to those who are currently working in the climbing retail or gym industry. This can range from special pre-orders to offers on items at special pricing, which will often be less than regular wholesale on items such as shoes, hardware, pads and other products that we distribute in Australia! You can expect to receive focused newsletters about our latest products that we'd love for you to try, test and hopefully promote. And don't worry, we won't email you weekly, more likely once every few months.
Who are these pro-deals available to?
Individuals are not required to be working full time within the climbing industry to qualify for our pro-deals, however current employment is necessary in a workplace that is currently trading with us. If you are unsure about qualification, simply sign up to the newsletter and when the time comes to take advantage of a pro-deal, we can make a determination for you.  
What if the business I work at does not stock gear that we distribute?
You're still welcome to sign up, as we may have special promotions that we may be able to offer you in the future.

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